Gus MacGregor

I could not agree more! What an amazing man. Those organizers should be ashamed of themselves. gus

Bob Bryant

I, too, always wondered what really drove that train? Despite John Denver's charitable and socially conscious nature, he wasn't included. Just wonder how many who did participate, either worked for such a cause before the event; even worse, how many of them never did another thing for humanity?


I've often wondered why he wasn't asked too. Who was the individual/company responsible for getting the musicans together? Maybe there was a hidden agenda or personal vendetta.


I agree too. John Denver should have been able to sing on we are the world.He helped try to feed the hunger and tour countries like Africa. He had just as much talent as the rest, if not even more talent.


I'm sorry to hear it broke his heart not to be included, But in my opinion - He was WAY out of their league. I'm sure he was busy that day - probably feeding the hungry instead of just singing about it.


Were there ANY Country or Folk Legends there?? Many great talents were Not included While many two-bit, so-called artists were...Go Figure..I Never really thought much of that whole endeaver anyway..They are full of themselves, But the world remains hungry.

Patricia Smith

John was a concert for humanity all by himself, perhaps there was no room for him there as his wonderful spirit was just too big for the space.

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