Ted Bell

My family & I moved from from Lynchburg Va to Orangeburg SC in 1962. I watched Don Upton on Wis and in fact he hosted The Orangeburg High School's mixed chorus Christmas show on Wis for a few years.
Don was a credit to the broadcast industry..a class act indeed. I've been in broadcasting since 1962 and one of my favorite Christmas songs is "Christmas Eve In My Hometown" and I did not know that he had written that song. And I did not know that he had passed away.

Joe Pinner

!My son sent me this today and what a flood of memories came back. A mixture of extreme joy and deep sadness as both my former colleagues Don Upton and Dan Miller are gone. Don in 78 and Dan in 2008 while attending the Masters in his hometown of Augusa. Both tremendous losses to me personally and to the broadcasting industry. The first time I ever tried to sing on televison was on the WIS TV "Today in Carolina" (I co-hosted with Becky Motes) with Don and Maize Bissell and of course it was "Christmas Eve In MY Hometown". Love that song to this day and so proud to say I worked with the author. Btw, as I recall Don told me that the music was written by a fellow NBC page while working in New York. Regardless, Don will always be fondly remembered every Christmas Eve! And Dan will always live in my memory also. Joe Pinner

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