Rob Robinson

Rest in peace, Dan. Nashville is sad to see you go.

Michael O'

I hope someone points out to Dan's youngest daughter McKensie that her father was a great man.

Not because he was on TV. Not because he had an exclusive interview, or was such a talented journalist.

Because as the pages in this blog show, he was a wonderful father. I hope someone will save these posts for her to read if not soon, someday.

I know she has to already know how wonderful he is, but to lose a father at her age, a positive reminder of his love for her can be a powerful healing tool over the years.

I hope I can be this kind of father to my son.

Busy Mom

You are greatly missed.

Ken Sidwell

Dan Miller was a class act! Nashville was lucky to have him...His family personal and at WSM are in our thoughts and prayers...he will be missed..

all women stalk

Your kid really is a smart one. This is how we are so passe with the kind of scenario our kids are exposed to. I have to say that you have a great and wonderful kid. As an adult, we really look forward to our kids future. Keep up the good work and keep posting interesting blogs.

Rex Farley

I remember those long lines for chow at Fort Jackson. Agonizing at the position of "Parade Rest" with ravenous appetite was a mental and physical challenge of endurance and delayed gratification which developed our inimitable stature and wearisome protracted stoicism.


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