I am a native Nashvillian and for all of the years she has been on Channel 4 I have loved that darling little Demetria. She deserves all the happiness in the world.
I am deeply saddened by the loss of her dad because she mentioned him with such love. I recently lost my dad and best friend so I sorta understand.
My love to you all,
Peggy Sisk.
Columbia, Tn.
Dear Mr. Miller,
Please extend our sincere condolence's to Demetria and her family during this time and also our congratulations.
May god be with her during this time.
From Fort Campbell, KY.
Tanja G.
Thank you for that wonderful story.
Give Demetria my condolences on the death of her father.
Thanks, Dan.
What a sweet report on someone we all love. Congratulations to Demetria on her marriage and sympathy to her for the loss of her father.
She and her family are in my prayers.
Jean Powell
What a wonderful story and tribute to your co-anchor and friend!! Thanks for sharing her story.
Please pass along our condolences to her on her father's passing and our hopes for a happy marriage!!
Judge and Mrs.Woody Woodall of Cadiz, KY
Thank you for sharing this essay with us. I truly enjoyed it and it has answered lots of questions for me.
You are truly a good friend to have. I am sure they both appreciate you. We certainly do .
Joyce and Berry
The article of the wedding is fantastic...thanks for sharing with all of us....
I am right here in front of TV every night watching you and your side kick...
Love you both....Give her my sympathy.
Mary L. VanDerLee
Dan, we are avid watcher's of channel 4 and we were wondering what was going on, it was so thoughtful of you to let your fans know of the absence.
As with most other stations someone is missed and we never know what happened. Please tell her when she gets back that we are sorry to hear of her loss; however, I am sure he is in a more peaceful place with no pain and agony. Again sorry but hang in there it will return to normal.
Thoughts of Prayer,
Bill and Sandi Tutt
It was so nice to hear about Demertia's wedding, the pictures was so lovely, and we are so sorry to learn about her father passing. I send my sympathy. We have missed her on the news the both of you are so great.
Linda Smith
Mr. Miller,
We have only lived in Murfreesboro for two years, but immediately felt at home watching WSMV, with you and Demetria as our nightly news hosts. As always, NBC has a top notch pair doing a fantastic job presenting the news. The thing that struck our family is how close the NBC news team comes accross. Your tribute to Demetria, her new husband, and her family, could only have been written by a true and honest friend. She will be honored when she gets a chance to read your tribute...kudo's!
Sherry Bewley
Joann and I live in Cadiz, Ky., and we watch Channel 4 every night and we enjoy your quips after some stories we also enjoyed you with sajak. keep up the good work. Incidently, I have been to 50 straight masters in your favorite city. Bob & Joann Rose.
Dear Dan,
Thank you for letting us know about Demetria. The two of you are my "new" favorite news team. I get concerned when either of you are out for an extended period of time.
I grew up in Murfreesboro, moved to Central Florida in 1970, stayed for 35 years, & moved back to Murfreesboro in 2004. While in Florida I watched NBC news out of Tampa with Bob Hite and Gayle Sierens and it seemed that over the years I got to consider them as "family." I really missed them when we came back to Murfreesboro, but then I found you and Demetria. The two of you filled that slot very nicely.
I am so happy for Demetria & Verlon and so sad for her loss. Her dad lived to be a wonderful age and for that she can be thankful.
Thank you again and give my well wishes to the newlyweds.
Katherine M Flowers
Dear Dan,
THANK YOU! what a story....beautiful ... and bittersweet as you stated tonight "Ch. 4 at 6". Dan, we have always appreciated you guys at "6 News"...still miss that Bill....what a team; you, Demetria and Bill. However, change comes and we all adjust.
The photo story is wonderful....and it "shines with loving friendship, team spirit, trust and devotion of a lasting relationship." Your time and effort, to allow we the viewer of many years;opportunity to share in such a personal way, Demetria' joy and sorrow is most appreciated.
Our thoughts and prayers are with Demetria and her family during this loss. How wonderful that Verlon is now by Demetria' side for this time.
Fans and Viewers of many years.
Kathy C. Poteete
Thank you, Dan, for the beautiful article in your "notebook". I have often wondered about Demetria if she ever got married or broke up, or, what. It seems like so long ago that you teased her about being engaged on the air. I am so glad she is now married. They look like a great couple. God works in mysterious ways,......as she starts a new life with her husband, she will have him for even more support, after the death of her father.
Thank you for the update.
Norma Phifer
Paris, TN
Thanks Dan for sharing Damerita's special day and then closing about her father's passing. By sharing, we all feel as part of the "family".
Paula, Gallatin
Thanks for sharing information on Demetria. We have missed her. Happy for her and Verlon. So sorry to hear about her Dad. Please pass on our sympathy. We always enjoy the Channel 4 News and Weather.
Gary & Pat Esslinger, Tullahoma.
Thanks for FINALLY filling me in on "the rest of the story"
Been dying of curiosity, thanks for the great report.
Your watcher, June
Thanks for the update on Demetria. We love both of you and please let Demetria know she is in our thoughts and prayers.
Cameron Foster
Dan, Please read and forward along to Demetria.
Margo and I have a connection with the "Dan and Demetria Duo".
We are in our very early 50's, from my understanding, close in age to Demetria, Margo is from Glen Ellyn, IL and I was born in Dixon, IL. Close to Demetria's Chicagoland hometown.
I transferred to Middle Tn almost 13 years ago, now living in Cookeville.
The connection, there are things you discuss about Illinois which we definitely relate to.
Demetria, our thoughts and prayers are extended to you and your family.
First of all to you and your husband. Bless each day, wake and ask yourself, what can you do for your spouse to make his life better. I too would trust he do the same. You will find yourselves happier and more in love than ever expected.
And secondly, for the loss of your dear father. We are truly sorry for your loss and his passing.
May the Lord bless and be with you through these times.
With our Deepest Sympathy,
Ray and Margo Sachs
Please pass my condolences on to Demetria and her family. What a bittersweet time indeed. My heart breaks for her in what should be the most joyful of times, but she can rest assured...
In God's hands her father is healthy and without pain, watching down on her as she begins her voyage into a wonderful and new part of the journey of life.
My sincerest sympathies,
Ashley Haugen
Her Nashville
Your story about Demetria gave an insight into a relationship beyond what we see on the news. It was written with words of love and honesty. Thank you for sharing a part of your life with those that watch you everyday. Our condolences to Demetria and Betty. Sincerely,
Lorrie McGill
Thanks for sharing. I have been worried about her. I am glad that she has found her sole mate. I am sorry about her loss. You know you TV personalities become like family to the viewers. Patsy Howard, Paris. TN
Thank you for letting us in on these important events. So happy for the bride and groom and then sad for them at the loss of Mike. Interesting that Mike slipped away shortly after he could be sure of his daughter's happiness. So sorry for Betty and Demetria as someone so important has left this earth. Will keep them in my prayers.
Thank you,
Great comments on what seems to be a perfect match and a little peek at what goes on in our anchors lives.
We are sorry to hear of the lost of her father but know that her parents must be very happy for her.
The way you detailed everything was very caring, warm and sweet.
Thank you for letting the viewers know about the joy and the sorrow that Demitria
has been going thru.
She could not have a better friend than you I think for only a true friend could have written it as well as you have.
Thanks again Dan!
Kathy DeBois
What a beautiful love story you have shared with all of the viewers who have wondered where Demetria has been, myself included. I'm excited to hear that she has found true love and has married him and I hope they will be very happy, but yet on the other hand my heart breaks for her with the lose of her father. I pray that somehow she will find comfort in knowing that her father is at peace no longer stuffering, I know that doesn't heal the pain but in time I pray that too will heal. I look forward to seeing Demetria back at the news desk with you and I love the "little" elbow thing you two do at the end of the news each night. Please extend out sympathy to her & her family.
A faithful view & reader of your notebook
Rhonda Akins
Clarksville, TN
What a beautiful story!!!! And I'm so sorry to hear about Demetria's dad. Debbie from McMinnville
Hi Dan,
I've watched channel four all of my life. I am 33 years old. I've grown up with you and Demetria.
I am blind and travel with a guid dog so see my world in more of an autatory view than you probably do.
I look forward to hearing familiar voices bring me the evenings news each day. Even if I watch other channels I have to watch wsmv or my day feels off balance.
I say all of this to say that I am very sorry to hear of Demeatrea's loss.
I will pray for her and th entire family at such a most difficult time.
I also want to than you for bring me the news in a way that allows me to visualize the stories easily, although sometimes I wish I didn't hear things that I hear.
Thanks for being such an important part of my life.
Stacey Robinson and GEB dog Chesley
Eagleville Tennessee
Dear Dan:
Thank you for updating your viewers on Demetria's absence. How heartbreaking; for at the special time in her life when she should be celebrating her marriage, she is now grieving for her father and giving support to her mother. But isn't it a blessing that her father knew his daughter had found happiness - the same happiness he and Mrs. Betty had experienced for their 51 years.
Our sympathy goes to Demetria and her family.
The Roberts Family
Hickman County, TN
Thank you for sharing this story with us! We have watched you and Demetria on Channel 4 for as long as I can remember and I am almost older than dirt! :-)
It has been long enough that I can feel a bond with both of you and know that we could all be great friends! I have let you visit in my home over and over and you are always welcome here! It is nice to be able to share in both Demetria's happiness and sorrow with you and her. We wish you both, and your families, the very best for many years to come.
My husband and I have a small winery in Manchester, TN and would love to have you come see us sometime. This is strictly a personal invitation, not a business one. Stop by sometime and let us serve you as you have served us over the years by delivering to us a great news program!
Tom and Becky Brown
Beans Creek Winery
Manchester, TN
Sorry to hear of Demetria's lost. she will be in our prayers. I lost my mother and my father eighteen day apart. so I know how she must be feeling. there is no greater lost than your parents or your child. so you tell demetria for me that she has a lot of support. she is well loved by her husband and friends and family.
We love you Demetria.
Mark and Shirley Mills.
God be with you always. to you and your family.
Dan, what a wonderful story on Demetria, Verlon, and their wonderful love story.
You and Demetria make such a great on-screen duo, the camaraderie is seen every night. It was nice to see and read some personal info, because I know how much privacy is needed also.
I would like to send my condolences to Demetria and her family, and hope to see her back to work soon.
Thanks so much,
Loretta Bause
Thanks Dan for sharing the details about Demetria. We watch Channel 4 faithfully and you and Demetria are great on the news and make an outstanding team. We were so happy when she was back on the news last night, Monday the 27th. We had wondered where she was and was concerned that maybe she had a health problem. We are glad that you shared the pictures and details of her recent wedding and to see her so happy. We are sorry for her loss and she has our deepest sympathy.
Thanks again for caring about your viewers and letting us know about Demetria. Georgia Ann and Walter Spencer.
Thank you for that moving tribute to Demetria! Thank you for letting us know that she got married - I hope she will be very happy!
If you had about 500 requests for information about where Demetria has been, I don't know how many times I have asked or thought, "Wonder where Demetria is?" When she was absent a week, I just figured she was probably on vacation. Then, her absence grew into weeks, and I told my husband that something must be wrong.
I am so sorry about the passing of her father, and I will be praying that God will comfort her in the loss of one so dear.
It will be nice when she is back with you co-anchoring the news- the two of you do such a great job.
Betty McClaran, Smyrna
Thank you so much for sharing the story of Demetria's wedding. Love the pictures! They both look really happy and wish for them many years together.
We heard about her Dad's passing on your 10:00 broadcast. It is so sad after such a happy occasion. We send our deepest sympathy to her and her family. May they lean on God for comfort during this and always.
We have been long time viewers of you and Demetria. We watched your broadcast before you left for California and very pleased when you decided to return to Nashville. The two of you have a special chemistry that makes watching the news enjoyable. Hope you have many more years at WSMV.
Thank you,
Herby and Teresa Wheeler
YOU GO GIRL!! Very nice lady- called her one day and left a message at the tv station- telling her I liked her blouse and where did she get it. SHE called me back, shared with me where she had gotten the blouse and we continuedto talk for a little more time. That's very impressive that she would take the time to call me. I wish her much happiness in her marriage. Let God take care of her father- no doubt he is with our heavenly Father. Be Happy, Demetria! Congratulations!!
Tracy Barger
Oh I'm so happy for her and sad at the same time. I really don't mind getting older. It's losing the people close to me that is so bad. I had been missing Demetria on the newscasts forEVER and was hoping she wasn't looking for another position somewhere – I know the market is ever-changing nowadays. I just don't think I could accept anyone other than "Dan and Demetria".
And by the way, are you sure you two aren't related? Am I the only one who's noticed that the picture of her father would kinda look like you in 30 years or so?
Judy Stone
Thanks for the word on your News at Six. You and Demetria have been a favorite of mine for several years. I think her getting married is really great, but very difficult timing. I lost both my parents four years ago and then my wife last February 16, so I know what loss of a loved one is about. Please relay to Demitria my deepest, heart-felt sympathy. You two are without a doubt the finest at reporting the news with a personal flare. Rare is the broadcast station that can keep anchors of the quality of WSMV. I recall watching the old Ralph Emery show as far back as my high school days living in Cookeville. I lost about four and half years attending Tenn. Tech. and then three years on active duty in Vietnam and Germany. When I returned it was so nice to come back to my favorite station. What a truly nice article for and on Demitria. I will say her getting married is the bachelor's loss and her new husband's gain. She is true class.
Billy Blankenship
Dan that was beautiful and so touching. Tell Demetria Congratulations on her marriage & that she will be in our thoughts & prayers for her loss, I know it is hard to lose a parent I lost both of mine at the age of 17 in 1974 in a car accident a terrible thing to go through at any age.
Our Sympathy
Carol & Lloyd Williams
Thank You for sharing this story. I have watched You and Demetria for Many Years It's almost Like family. Even though most of the news is a "Bummer" This story of Demetria and Husband was so Refreshing filled with Beautiful and Hope. Sorry to hear about her father passing She has been so blessed with a Wonderful Father.
Thanks again,
Mike G.
Dan, thank you so much for keeping us posted about Demetria. I'm so happy about her wedding & so sad about her Father. I have recently lost both parents so I know how hard it is. I think that Channel 4 news is the very best one & have been watching it for a long time. I have Channel 4 as the homepage on my computer. I was in Nashville when you were & then I was in California when you were & then I came back to Nashville & here you are again. I hope you or Demetria or any of the rest of the cast never leave. You TV friend, Jean Parker
You are AWESOME!! We feel so lucky to have you and Demetria here in Nashville.
My husband and I love both of you.
Terry Katzman-Rosenblum
I have, today from reading your Notebook, attended the wedding and heard the sweet songs Verlon shared on his and Demetria's wedding day. A beautiful bride, a beautiful love story, from a beautiful family, shared so beautifully by you. Thanks for being a part of my family, Dan Miller. My prayers go out to Demetria. I lost my Dad to lung difficulties 2 years ago. We have a giant hole in our hearts, but a whole lot of love as a result. Have a blessed day and keep sharing!
Joan Simpson
I watch ONLY Channel 4 news. I loved the story about Demetria.
It made me laugh and cry. It reminded me of my parents and their long marriage and fine example of how two people should live and love together. Thanks for sharing such a touching story about your work partner. It is obvious that you two are very special friends.
Jana Summar
Literacy Coordinator
Siegel Elementary School
Murfreesboro, TN
Dear Dan:
Thank you for sharing my favorite news anchor Demetria's wedding. How blessed she is. And, please pass on my heartfelt condolences for the loss of her Daddy. He is now with our Lord. May God grant him His peace in Heaven.
Much happiness and all of God's blessings for her and her husband. They both look beautiful and happy.
Toni DiGiorgio
This was wonderfully written by someone who truly cares for these people. I wish them both a long and loving life. Sincerely Marie R Blevins
Thank you for sharing the wonder and sadness of Demetria's absence.
Channel Four has been a constant in our lives since our daughter, Bonnie Workman, did her internship under you in the mid or late 80's. When she left you she became the anchor for WPSD in Paducah, Kentucky and stayed for 14 or 15 years. She is now VP of Western Baptist Hospital in Kentucky.
You need to know the influence you have on people's lives. Thank you for the part you played in Bonnie's life.

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