Robbin Home Tenea

Hey Dan... I used to live at Knollwood Apts in Nashville and was friends with your daughter Jennifer. I remember you had an older son too. My mother was Judy Home and we lived up on the other side of the pool. Jennifer and I used to play with another little girl who lived at the other end of my building. I think this little girl's mom and her friend used to babysit for you. This was around 1976 to 78 I think... Anyway I live in Tampa now and was wondering how Jennifer was doing...- Robbin

Allen Muse

Just viewed this for the first time and enjoyed hearing about some of the "old" timers. I worked at 'SMV as a reporter in the late 80's after stints at Channel 2, Channel 5 and in Omaha, NE as an anchor.
Wonder if you know the whereabouts of Newt Danely and Bob Bomar, former Channel 4 photogs. I had a ball working with them. Also, I have heard Jim Fulbright, reporter, is now a pilot for the State of Tennesee.

'By George' Goldtrap

DAN...Peg and I live, since 1998, on the beach at Ormond By The Sea FL, just north of DAYTONA. My second book, Humor is My Heritage, was just released. Still operate my company Happy Talk Int. (www.happytalk.org) and still loving life.


I would really like to know what the theme music was called for the old Channel 4 Scene At Ten in the late '70's and through the '80's.

It was by far the best closoing theme music you had for the program.

Been trying like crazy to find out the title of the usical piece.



I truly enjoyed reading this information. As I get older, I pleasure memories more and wander backward in years from time to time. It's always a pleasure to see where everyone is. I am trying to find something, so I have a questions for you. In the early 1970's, WSM, Channel 4 sponsored a talent search across Tennessee. I can't remember if the host was Teddy Bart, Boyce Hawkins or someone else. I remember a young boy (red headed) being on the show as a co-host (possibly a previous winner or a performer). Judges would go to a designated town in each region or area and talent competitions were held. Approximately 10 (I think) were chosen from each location to appear on Channel 4. Viewer's voted by mailing in post cards identifying their favorite performer. I think the show aired early to mid-morning. I can't remember which day of the week. I was fortunate enough to have been part of a group who was chosen to perform on the show. I am in search of any pictures, information and hopefully, taped/recorded shows. I appreciate any help you could give me. Little did I know then, we were probably helping birth the American Idol, years later. HA! HA! Only joking. I look forward to hearing from you.

Patrick L


I lived in Cookeville back in the '70s and channel 4 was a favorite at our house. I moved back to North Carolina years ago but still get back to Middle Tennessee whenever possible as I love it so much there. I loved all the folks at the station and often wondered what they were up to through the years. Thanks for answering my questions.


Thanks for the memories


Thanks for bringing us up-to-date. I grew up in Nashville and remember almost all of these people. It is alsway good to look back at the memories. My family's business was a frequent sponosor on WSM and you and I actually met when I was a kid (I know you don't remember it). I remember my parents talking about you and the fine person that they thought you and the staff were. I am glad to hear that you and Pat still talk. Thanks again for the memories. I will always remember the "good ole days". Brian V.

Jerry Simpson

Dan, Do you know what ever happened to Dan McDaniel, former weatherman in WSMV? Thank You.


I haven't seen Dan McDaniel since he left WSMV.
Several "spottings" have been reported to me, so I assume he's still around town, but he did a pretty good vanishing act.
I'm surprised he's not turned up on TV somewhere since he's a talented broadcaster and a heck of a pleasant guy.

David Small

Dan: In the early '70's, there was a singer who often appeared on Teddy's noon show whose name was Corky Threlkill or something similar. He sounded a lot like Nat King Cole. I always wanted to get a hold of Corky's recordings. Do you know anything about him? Is he still performing? Thank you for bringing us up to date on some of our favaorite people. Best wishes.
David Small
Pearland, Texas


Hmmm.. Corky Threlkill is not ringing a bell with me at all.
Let me do a little research and see what I can find.
We had a wonderful singer named Orsa Lia (or Leah)who I've not heard anything about in years.

Jerry Davis

Hi, Dan,

My wife is convinced that you were a television reporter in New Orleans, perhaps late 1960s or early 1970s. True??

Dan Miller

Nope... sorry.
I've had some wonderful trips to New Orleans, and did a week long series of remotes from there for CBS in 1989, but I've never lived there.

Jackie Everett Casto

Dan,I am an old friend of Tony Lyons from Jr. High and High School.Your information stated that he now owns Mulligan's Pub .Is that in downtown Nashville?My class Pres. needs that information so that we can send him information about reunions etc?I hope that you receive this and that you can help us locate him.Our graduating class would be very thankful.I talked to him in the 80's when he was an announcer for WSM.Thank you for your trouble.Jackie Everett Casto

Victor Cantrell

Dan McDaniel lives in Nashville. Not sure what he is doing for a living, but he is still a very nice man. We talked about old times in Nashville for about 2 hours today.

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