I really enjoy that you are a father to a young daughter at your age. I have been married 23 years and have two daughters, ages 10 and 7. I am 57. Like you, I get the granddad thing at least once a week. I love being a dad of young girls at this age; I run out of steam quicker, but have the patience of a Grandparent. I do believe that I am a much better parent now than if I would have had them at a younger age. But then again, they would be different children and I would not have these two wonderful gifts in my life. They are the only children in their elementary school whose grand-dad fought in WW2.

I now live in Wisconsin, but grew up in Nashville and have my degree from Tenn Tech. I have been looking for years for a certain Christmas album, with no results. Several years ago I started a search but could not make any headway so I decided to contact you. I am looking for Boyce Hawkins' Christmas piano music, "fractured music" if you will. I have sent several emails to various places around Nashville, even WSM, but got barely a response. These days the youth at these places have never heard of him, so the search stops at that point. Do you know where I might find this music or who might have a copy? Is there an archive of music in Nashville that I do not know about? This album was the best and funniest Christmas piano music that one could possibly hear. It instantly let anyone who heard his music know the fun personality that Boyce Hawkins possessed. If you could help in anyway or have any information, I would appreciate it!

I grew up watching you on channel 4. I also happened to be living in LA when you were out there. Thanks for having this website! It is full of enlightenment and memories!

Thank you for your help!

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