That was a great piece, Dan. As a kid I heard an announcement which apparently originated in that booth, a station ID ("WSM-TV, Color 4, Nashville," if I'm not mistaken) which so boggled my precocious little mind that I wrote to NBC to ask why I heard it. You see, I was watching the baseball "Game of the Week" on WNBC-TV in New York at the time! I believe the game was in Atlanta, and apparently the signal was routed through Nashville, along with the station ID, according to the kind soul at 30 Rock who replied to me. I reluctantly confess that such broadcast anomalies fascinate me to this day, though I suspect that you would totally understand. Thanks again for a terrific post and kudos on this morning's tornado coverage which I'm watching via the 'net.

chuck byrn

i worked at wsm from late 72 until almost christmas of 74, two of the best years of my young life. loved hanging out with marcus harton and mike ragsdale, dan and pat in the old booth. used to drive down to drew's and get food for dolly parton.


Who was the afternoon show host who later moved to Orlando? Was his name Judd?


You're thinking probably of Jud Collins who's long since retired and still living in Nashville.

Cindy in California

thank you for describing what a television announcer is, i've been searching for my birthfather for years, i understood him to be one in the kansas city area in the mid 60's. with this information, i may be able to find him, thank you!!!!

London Weekend Television announcers

This is great, the art of the television announcer seems to be long gone, with the introduction of computerised playout systems and pre-recorded announcements.

rosa lake

Was there a tv host named Merle Emery back in the 70s? Not Ralph Emery.

air jordan

None of the turmoil that routinely attends film-star existence ever seemed to visit the Astaire household.

rosa lake

I remember a WLAC tv host named MERLE EMERY. He wore glasses and was very personable. Often he hosted noon gospel shows that were videoed. I am not speaking of Ralph, who came AFTER Merle.

Please send info to "[email protected]."

Belstaff Coats

Go for someone who makes you smile because it takes only a smile to make a dark day seem bright.

Linda Luman Carrigan

My husband has been told all his life that his cousin "Bill Carrigan" was an announcer for the Grand Old Opry. He said back in the 40's. Do you show an annoucer by that name back then?
Linda Carrigan
[email protected]

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