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My name is Dan Miller.
I'm a long time broadcaster and journalist.
I now anchor evening newscasts at WSMV-TV in Nashville.

I've also worked at stations in my hometown of Augusta, Georgia, Columbia, South Carolina, and Los Angeles.
You'll find quite a few references to Augusta in my writings.

While in Los Angeles, I was with KCBS News, and then spent a year and a half having fun as sidekick/announcer on the Pat Sajak Show on CBS.

The essays being presented here have already appeared in Dan Miller's Notebook, a feature on the WSMV website.
They are copyrighted by WSMV and by Dan Miller.

I invite you to visit my WSMV biography in case, by any stretch of the imagination, you want to read more about me.
Of course, the newest Notebook entries are on the WSMV website.

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